Frequently Asked Questions

ZIZITO Switzerland

Where is the brand based?

The brand is headquartered in Villar Surglen, Canton of Friborg, Swiss Confederation.
All its activities are implemented in accordance with local legal regulations and quality standards.

What is the price-quality ratio?

ZIZITO Switzerland’s vision is to offer high class quality with a medium to high price range for distributors and end customers.

How do you manage to offer high quality at an affordable price?

We achieve this with our special designs that reduce the need for energy use during the production process.
In this way we offer a unique combination for the market between high quality, low price and environmental sustainability

How are ZIZITO products tested?

Our products for babies and children are tested and certified by the independent SGS laboratory in Switzerland.

What is the SGS certificate and for which products is it issued?

– The SGS certificate is an additional safety test for products with stricter criteria than the tests of the basic certificates.
– Mechanical goods for children are subject to certification – baby strollers, bicycles, scooters, tricycles and car seats.
– For the issuance of the certificate, the performance of the products in stress tests and their compliance with the highest quality standards of the materials used, construction, design and mechanisms are assessed.

What are your sustainable production practices?

1. The designs of our products are specially designed to require less energy consumption for production.
2. The materials used shall be selected and combined in such a way as to be easily recyclable after the end of use.
3. We encourage all our customers and partners to hand over our goods for recycling after their life cycle in this form is over.

Logistics and delivery

Where are the products sent from and how long do they travel?

·  Our goods are shipped from our warehouses in Germany and the Republic of Bulgaria.
·  Depending on the volume of the ordered goods, processing and shipping may take up to several working days.
·  After sending, the delivery time is standard for the courier companies we partner with – Speedy for Bulgaria and DHL, DPD or other courier for international shipments.

What are the conditions for returning and replacing goods?

·  According to legal regulations, all goods without damage can be returned within 14 days of receipt, regardless of the reason for the cancellation of purchase.
·  The replacement of goods is organized within the same period, leaving the condition for intact function and commercial appearance of the purchased items. An exception is the receipt of damaged goods with the delivery itself, when the replacement is the responsibility of the trader.
·  You can read the full terms of return and replacement in our Terms and Conditions.

What are the procedures upon receiving a damaged shipment?

·  When retailing, check the item for damage in addition to the packaging and if the latter is damaged, the product is replaced.
·  In case of wholesale trade, in case only the packaging is damaged, an additional discount is given for sale with damaged packaging. In case of a damaged item, a replacement is made.

How can ZIZITO products be ordered?

All items manufactured and distributed can be ordered from our corporate website –

Is it only possible to shop in bulk?

Our wholesale sales site is focused only on trade with businesses and distributors.
Our products are available for retail sale in many of the good physical and online children’s stores in Bulgaria, as well as EMAG Bulgaria, EMAG Romania, Amazon and eBay.

What are the discounts for wholesale shopping?

·  The exact amount of the discount is determined according to the payment scheme, with the lowest price for orders that are paid at 100% upon receipt.
·   The exact amount of the trade discount is determined and fixed by bilateral agreement.

Where do you deliver to?

Deliveries are offered anywhere in the world by prior arrangement for transportation costs.

Which courier companies do you work with?

·  For deliveries in Bulgaria we partner with the courier company Speedy. If you want to receive your shipment with another courier, our team is open to assist in issuing a bill of lading and arranging delivery.
·  For deliveries abroad we partner with courier companies DHL, DPD and others according to the destination.

Is it possible to pick up on the spot?

You can load the ordered goods on the spot in our warehouse, which is located near the city of Sofia, as well as from our warehouse in Elsdorf.
All you need to do is inform our team about the day and the approximate time of your arrival.

Commercial practices

What is the guarantee of ZIZITO products?

·   All goods offered wholesale and retail by ZIZITO Switzerland come with a legal guarantee of compliance with the sales contract.
·  The warranty conditions for our baby and children’s products are fully compliant with good practices and legal regulations under the CPA, including the free 24-month warranty.
·  We also offer an additional warranty of 12 months after registering the serial number of the product on our website.

How are warranty service requirements imposed?

The request for warranty service is submitted directly to the ZIZITO team, after which actions are taken to establish compliance with our warranty conditions.
Under warranty conditions, the defective product may be repaired or replaced with a new one at the expense of the manufacturer.

Are there any additional discounts for loyal customers?

ZIZITO offers a special bonus system for additional discounts for large orders and loyal customers agreed through a bilateral agreement.

Do you accept orders by phone?

Yes, customer inquiries and orders are also served by phone, respectively in Bulgarian and English.

ZIZITO products

Where can the instructions for use of the products be seen?

Each item comes with its own instructions for assembly, disassembly, safe use and proper maintenance.
It is included in the product package and is available in 10 different languages, including Bulgarian and English.
You can also see the instructions for use online here

Where can the price of wholesale products be seen?

You can see the price of the wholesale products by registering on our trade site – or by receiving it at the request of our dealer.
Additional discounts for volume and annual turnover are charged individually for each client and are communicated with the team.

Do the products match the photos and descriptions?

Each product has its own detailed description, which includes accurate and comprehensive information on weight, size, features, age range of use and technical characteristics.
Take into account the fact that each monitor can cause slight variations in the tones and colors of the photos.

Where can the products be seen before purchase?

You can see the products live in the trade network, in the stores of our partners:

Are all products manufactured by ZIZITO?

On our site you will find two categories of wholesale products – manufactured by ZIZITO Switzerland and distributed by other manufacturers.
They are divided into separate categories, and each product has a clearly marked name of the manufacturer.

Are all products certified for safety?

Only mechanical products such as prams, tricycles, scooters, bicycles and car seats are subject to laboratory testing and certification.
Our other products are guaranteed compliance with all legal regulations and good practices in the industry for the production of children’s goods.

Strollers for babies
What types of strollers do you offer and what is the difference?

In our catalog you will find both transforming and modular strollers, suitable for all ages, and lightweight summer strollers, suitable for older children who sit alone.
Each product has an age, method and recommendations for use that you can use when choosing.

Which types of strollers are suitable on the road?

All strollers offered are suitable for travel, as they are foldable and easily portable.
Lightweight summer strollers are best suited for transport on public and public transport, as they fold in one go and are significantly more mobile.

Where can I order spare parts?

No spare parts are available for sale, but in case of damage the products are repaired according to the warranty conditions.

Car seats
What are the categories of child car seats?

According to the definition of the Road Traffic Act, car seats are divided into five groups:

·  Group 0 – for newborn babies under 10 kg (about 9 months)
·  Group 0+ – for newborns and babies under 13 kg (about 15 months)
·  Group I – for babies and young children between 9 and 18 kg (up to about 3 years)
·  Group II – for young children between 15 and 25 kg (from 3 to about 7 years)
·  Group III – for older children 22 and 36 kg (from 6 to about 12 years)

In the ZIZITO catalog you will find certified safe car seats in each of the above groups.

What is the ISOFIX system?

ISOFIX is a complete type of protection system that mounts directly to the vehicle structure.
Tests show that it has a higher level of protection than incomplete safety systems, which are installed using the car’s seat belts.
However, both types of systems are allowed by law, and your choice should depend on the type of car and the budget provided.

When should the car seat be replaced?

The car seat must be replaced as soon as the child is out of the age or weight category specified by the manufacturer.
It is also obligatory to replace the seat in case of an accident or catastrophe, regardless of whether there is visible damage or not.

Baby cots
Are there different types of cribs and how to choose?

In terms of materials for construction, we can talk about wooden and textile cots, which differ in appearance, functionality and weight.
Folding textile cots are the most budget and flexible solution both at home and on the road.

How are sleeping cots assembled?

·  Each cot from the ZIZITO catalog comes with detailed instructions for assembly, disassembly, cleaning and use.
·  It is the customer’s responsibility to read these instructions and follow them strictly to ensure the safety of the product.
·  Assembly is as easy and automated as possible, so that it is not a problem for all users and does not require specialized technical skills.

Is a mattress included in the set?

The description of each individual product indicates whether the mattress is part of the cot set or is offered separately.
All cots are standard sizes that allow easy separate purchase or replacement of the mattress.

Feeding chairs
What types of chairs do you offer?

We offer high, portable and transformable feeding chairs that can be used alone or mounted on an adult dining chair.

From what age are feeding chairs used?

The highchairs are used from the sixth month or when the child starts to sit, even with someone else’s help.
Eating outside the specially designed chair creates a precondition for polluting the home and creating wrong habits that over time become difficult to eradicate.

What additional extras do the chairs have?

The most appreciated by users are extras such as a removable tray for easy washing, wheels for easy carrying, an option for folding with one movement and a function for adjusting the height of the chair.

How to choose the right size bike?

Bicycles differ in size and weight of the main supporting structure, as well as in the diameter of the tires.
Each ZIZITO bicycle has a clearly marked recommended age and weight for use, corresponding to the child’s physique and technical characteristics of the model.

What are the speeds and brakes?

In our various models, we use counter, caliper or disc brakes, respectively, to make speed control easy and intuitive.
The bicycles for the youngest are only one speed, while for the older ones there are models with 7 to 21 speeds, suitable for terrains with different inclination and displacement.

What materials do you use?

We use materials that combine high durability with lightness and easy maintenance.
For children’s bicycle frames, forks and wreaths, these are mostly aluminum, magnesium and steel.

What is the difference between baby and children’s scooters?

The difference is in the size of the base and the height of the handlebars, as well as in the distribution of the wheels.
Scooters for younger children have three wheels for easier balance, while those for older children usually have two wheels.

Do scooters require mainteinance and what?

Scooters do not require any specialized maintenance other than the included instructions for proper use and storage.
They can be cleaned according to instructions, and their parts should be checked regularly for looseness and deformation, especially after impact or fall.

How long can they be used?

Depending on the model, baby and children’s scooters can cover different age ranges.
Multifunctional multi-product models have the longest period of use, as they have the function of growing with the child and adapting to their needs.

What is the difference between a stroller, tricycle and bicycle?

1.  The stroller is suitable for newborns and adolescent babies, for whom going outdoors necessarily requires the use of a vehicle.
2.  The tricycle is a transitional product that combines parental control of the stroller and the possibility of independence of the bike.
3.  The bicycle is a vehicle with completely independent control – with or without auxiliary wheels – in which the drive is not assisted.

Can the child drive the tricycle alone?

Most tricycles offer a hybrid drive model in which control can be both stand-alone and with the help of a parental control handle.
In ZIZITO tricycles, the parental control handle is quick and easy to install and remove, allowing maximum flexibility of use.

How and by whom are damages fixed?

·  All ZIZITO scooters come to the end user with a free 24-month warranty, during which all defects caused by proper use are eliminated at the expense of the manufacturer.
·  Unauthorized repairs and modifications to the tricycle void the warranty, so it is recommended that they not be performed without contacting the manufacturer or distributor.
·  After the expiration of the warranty, troubleshooting is offered for a fee.

What types of toys does ZIZITO offer?

In our catalog you will find a variety of entertaining, educational, interactive and decorative toys suitable for different ages and interests.

What age are the toys suitable for?

·  We produce plush and rubber toys for babies, as well as fun, musical and mechanical toys for children of preschool and school age.
·  Baby and children’s toys are for ages 0 to 14.
·  Sports toys have no age limit, subject to the minimum recommended age for use of the packaging.

What materials are they made of?

All our baby and children’s toys are made of materials with maximum hypoallergenicity and harmless paints, selected according to safety regulations.

Products for distribution

Which brands do you partner with?

ZIZITO partners with many European and world famous brands. For more information, visit

Can you guarantee the quality of the distributed goods?

ZIZITO selects for its partners only brands with proven standards of quality, safety and responsible corporate practices.
According to the regulation, the seller is jointly and severally liable with the manufacturer for the quality of the goods he places on the market.

How is the warranty of the goods for distribution serviced?

The warranty for the distributed goods is serviced in a manner analogous to the goods with the ZIZITO and Zi brands.

Do the same discounts apply?

Discounts for distributed products are determined by bilateral agreement with each individual customer.

Furniture for children’s and babies’ room
What types of furniture do you offer?

In our distribution catalog there are categories for standard furniture and upholstered furniture for baby and children’s rooms.
This includes cots, cabinets and wardrobes, desks, chests of drawers, sofas, armchairs and other items according to supply and demand.

Can whole child room sets be ordered?

Wholesale orders can contain just as many pieces and types of furniture as are needed for the merchant’s purposes.
The ability to create a whole set of retail products depends on the range and availability in the specific store of our partners.

What materials are the furniture made of?

The production of the furniture is in line with our vision of combining high durability and affordable price.
In children’s furniture, this is most easily achieved with MDF boards, which are easier to maintain than solid wood and at the same time stronger and more reliable than chipboard elements.

Cutlery and accessories
What are they made of and do they contain harmful substances?

·  Baby pacifiers and bottles are made of medical grade silicone and BPA-free plastic, so they are both durable and safe.
·  All cutlery and accessories for older children also do not contain toxic substances and dyes, according to quality and safety regulations.
·  In addition to plastic and polypropylene, silicone, bamboo, wood or glass are used to make cutlery and accessories.

Can they be used in a microwave and dishwasher?

In the instructions for use of each product you will find individual recommendations for use in a microwave, dishwasher and baby sterilizer.
Please follow these instructions so as not to damage the shape and colors of the selected products.

Are they safe for babies and young children?

Used properly according to the instructions, all food related products we produce and distribute are 100% safe for use by babies and children, in accordance with our brand vision.