Free 24-month warranty on all ZIZITO products

All goods offered wholesale and retail by ZIZITO Switzerland come with a legal guarantee of compliance with the sales contract. The warranty conditions for our products for babies and children are fully consistent with good practices and legal regulations under the CPA.

Cancellation of the purchase without violating the integrity and commercial appearance of the items is possible within the statutory period of 14 days, within which applications for return of goods are accepted.

All goods we offer come with a free warranty of 24 months. Within this period, any discrepancies with the description, factory defects and malfunctions caused by proper use are compensated by appropriate repair or replacement of the product.

Warranty conditions for ZIZITO Switzerland products

ZIZITO is fully responsible for the integrity and conformity of the product with its description until the moment of receipt by the customer. If the goods arrive at you damaged or your order is wrong, please contact us immediately in order to arrange the replacement of the product or products.

Please note that with the acceptance of the goods, the responsibility for their proper operation passes to the customer and all further warranty claims must be assessed individually. Damage to the product during assembly is borne entirely by the user and is not subject to warranty service.

In order for a product to be subject to warranty service within 24 months of receipt by the customer, the following conditions must be met:

1. The product must have been used in full accordance with the instructions for use provided by ZIZITO.

2. The product must have been used for its intended purpose and according to the specified maximum age and weight for use.

3. The product must have been transported, installed, assembled and disassembled completely according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

4. The product has not undergone unauthorized repairs, replacement of parts and modifications by the user or third parties.

5. The product has not been used carelessly and stored in an unsuitable environment.

6. The product has not been treated with abrasives and strong cleaning agents prohibited in the instructions.

Deformations or malfunctions only in the main construct are subject to warranty service, while this does not apply for the accessories and supplementary parts of the products. The 24-month warranty does not include replacements and repairs due to:

● Superficial injuries caused during the operation, transport and storage of the product.

● Deformations and defects caused by external forces and atmospheric conditions – extreme temperatures, exposure to strong sunlight, strong hits, accidents and crashes, chemical interactions, natural disasters, etc.

● Damage to upholstery, textile accessories and covers in prams and car seats.

● Damage to upholstery, mattresses, canopies and hanging toys in sleeping cots.

● Damage to the upholstery and accessories in baby swings and deck chairs, walkers and high chairs.

● Damage to zippers and buttons on all types of products.

● Tire damage to bicycles, scooters and tricycles.

In all other cases, the repair or replacement of the damaged product is entirely at the expense of ZIZITO and is performed within the statutory period of 30 days.

To request warranty service for a defective item, you can contact the trader or dealer from whom the product was purchased. After contacting our team, we will proceed to the immediate elimination of the damage or replacement of the product, depending on the nature of the individual case.