How to clean a Zizito products

Cleaning baby strollers

Maintaining the good appearance and perfect safety of ZIZITO strollers requires compliance with certain rules for proper storage and cleaning, namely:

  • Keep the stroller away from direct sunlight and from windows that could increase the negative effects of sunlight.
  • Keep away from direct heat sources such as radiators, air conditioners and fireplaces.
  • Avoid storage outdoors or in rooms with high temperature amplitudes, extremely high or extremely low temperatures.
  • Do not place heavy or sharp objects on or in the stroller during storage or use.
  • Check all of the parts before using the stroller, especially after prolonged passive storage.
  • In case the textile cover is removed, you can wash it by hand – with lukewarm water, without using a washing machine, spin dryer or dryer.
  • If the textile coating does not come off, you can clean it with a damp sponge and a mild, hypoallergenic detergent without rubbing hard and aggressively.
  • Clean the plastic parts with a damp soft cloth without using strong abrasives.
  • Always dry metal parts to avoid rust after wetting when cleaning.
  • Always follow the individual cleaning instructions given in the user manual of the specific product.