Politics for cookies

To facilitate the use of the website www.zizito.com and to improve its functionality, we collect small data files called cookies. Your browser stores cookies on the hard drive of the device from which you visit the site, and you can use its settings to delete cookies at any time.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that store information about your visit to the site and make it easier to navigate current and future visits to the site.

They are completely anonymous and view your user behavior without collecting personal data or other information through which your identity can be revealed.

What information do cookies collect?

The collection and use of cookies is intended to both improve the user experience of the site and help our team analyze the needs and difficulties of visitors to maintain its high standard of online browsing.

For these purposes, our cookies retain the following information protocol:

  • Information whether you have already visited the site or you are a new visitor.
  • Information about the link or page that referred you to our website.
  • IP address of the device from which you visit our website.
  • Information about the time spent on our website and the sections visited during the session.
  • Information about the browser and operating system used to access the site.
  • Other type of technical information according to the technical requirements of the information system.

Personal data are collected on the basis of explicit consent (Article 6, paragraph 1 (a) of the Regulation). You express your consent by clicking the “I agree” button in the field “I am familiar with the privacy policy of” ZIZITO BG “Ltd. and I agree to use cookies when using the website.”

Can you stop using cookies?

You can either delete already saved cookies or opt out of saving cookies for future online sessions.

To do this, you need to enter the settings of your mobile or desktop browser, and then disable cookies for selected sites or for all browsing sessions.

Different browsers offer different options for managing cookies, including complete erasure from the hard drive, complete blocking of cookies or receiving special notifications for storing cookies.

Please note that online cookie-free browsing may affect the quality of your user experience and block the performance of some added features on the sites you visit .