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Smart dinosaur with light, sound and water spray – The Lord of the Jungle


Color: Green

This product uses an infrared remote control. It requires pointing the dinosaur without obstacles between them, otherwise it will not work. The maximum working distance is 4 meters. Sleep mode: If no commands are given via the remote control, the dinosaur will fall asleep after 1 minute. Press any button on the remote control to wake it up and restart it. If you will not use it, it is recommended to turn it off. Tracking mode: Turn on the dinosaur and touch the sensor located on its head. The dinosaur’s eyes will light green and it will go into follow mode. Place your hand in front of the dinosaur’s head and it will move after your hand. If your hand is not in front of the dinosaur’s head for more than 30 seconds, the toy will exit this mode. To resume tracking mode, repeat the above. Rotate: Press the rotate button on the remote control and the dinosaur will start moving in a circle. Sing and dance: Press the “”Sing and dance”” button on the remote control and the dinosaur will sing 4 randomly selected songs and dance. If the dinosaur encounters an obstacle, it stops dancing. Charm: Press the “”Charm”” button and the dinosaur will make charming movements and make cute sounds. Search / Pursuit: Press the “”Search / Pursuit”” button on the remote control. Then the indicator on the remote control will light up and the dinosaur’s eyes will turn green. The dinosaur will start spinning, searching and chasing. Point the infrared emitter of the remote control directly at the dinosaur. Once the dinosaur receives the signal, it will start following the remote. ZIZITO brand products are of Swiss construction and design, designed in Switzerland and manufactured according to Swiss quality standards.

3+ years