With the FABIAN crib you will provide your child with comfort and sweet dreams. It is specially designed for babies from the moment of their birth until they reach a maximum weight of 15 kilograms. Equipped with two levels of the mattress, the first level is suitable for children from 0 to 6 months, and the second – for kids from 6 to 36 months, as well as a falling side barrier, the model gives you easier access and view of the child.

To entertain the baby, the crib has an added fingerboard with three toys. The set also includes a convenient compartment for storing the necessary accessories, as well as a table for changing diapers.

Wheels on two of the legs have been added for easy and fast movement of the crib, and the side opening with a zipper provides older children with independent entry and exit. The cot folds to a compact size and fits in a convenient bag.


  • Extremely strong and light aluminum construction that supports up to 15 kg. body weight, in addition to its own weight;
  • High level of the mattress for a newborn and lower level for a baby over 6 months
  • Easy zipper placement and removal on the top level of the mattress
  • Side opening for entrance to the crib by the child
  • Two mini wheels, allowing easy movement of the cot
  • Accessory stand that attaches to the cot so that everything you need is at hand
  • Changing table, which is placed on top of the cot
  • Drop barrier for easier child monitoring access
  • Fingerboard with toys for more fun for the child
  • Folding to a compact size
  • Sturdy textile bag for storage and transport

Technical details

Age: 0+ months
Permissible weight of the child: up to 15 kg.
Bed size: 125 x 65 x 78 cm
Mattress size: 120 x 60 cm
Product weight: 12.5 kg.
Material: plastic and textile
Frame material: aluminum
  • Fingerboard with toys
  • Falling barrier for more convenient access to the child
  • Colors


    • Aluminium frame
    • Two levels of the mattress
    • Zipper upper grip
    • Two mini carrying wheels
    • Accessory holder
    • Entrance opening
    • Changing table
    • Falling barrier
    • 3 vulture toys
    • Storage and transport bag

    Convenience for children

    • Side opening for self-entry into the cot
    • 3 vulture toys for more fun
    • Falling barrier for a wider view of the surrounding world

    Convenience for parents

    • Upper level of the mattress for a newborn and lower, safe level for 6+ months
    • Easy to place or remove the top level with a zipper
    • Two mini wheels for carrying in different rooms
    • Accessory holder
    • Changing table
    • Removable side that folds down for more convenient access to the child
    • Storage and transport bag


    • Two mini carrying wheels
    • Accessory holder
    • Changing table
    • Falling barrier
    • 3 toys
    • Storage and transport bag